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Anti-Wrinkle ProductsAnti-Wrinkle Products
Advanced Retinol-A skin care product from DS Laboratories of the USA
Spectral RS® - A Breakthrough for Thinning HairSpectral RS® - A Breakthrough for Thinning Hair

Spectral RS® - the most advanced minoxidil-free formula that delivers astonishing results.

  • Clinically proven to increase hair growth, arrest fall out, and increase diameter of hair strands.
  • Uses nanosome technology to maximize delivery of compounds into the scalp.
  • The ideal treatment for thinning hair and diffuse hair loss.
  • Contains research grade ingredients including Aminexil®
Spectral DNC® - Topical Hair Loss TreatmentSpectral DNC® - Topical Hair Loss Treatment

Spectral DNC® is the world's most effective topical hair loss treatment.

  • Clinically proven to work faster than Rogaine®
  • Works on the entire scalp, including frontal baldness
  • Grows normally strong & healthy hair
  • Combines the finest, research grade ingredients, including Aminexil®
Vector Electrolysis Professional Hair RemovalVector Electrolysis Professional Hair Removal

Vector™ Hair Removal System – The most respected name in electrolysis

The Vector™ Hair Removal System has been designed for use in professional salons or for high-performance hair removal at home. It is the only hair removal system on the market that has the same output power as professional electrolysis machines. This machine will save you hundreds of pounds on electrolysis sessions that you can now perform in the privacy of your home. Professional salons can begin offering permanent hair removal services for a very low start-up cost.

Skin Care by DS LaboratoriesSkin Care by DS Laboratories
Advanced skin care range from DS Laboratories of the USA, offering:

Hydroviton CR a normalizing liquid cleansing soap
Trioxil an innovative acne treatment.
Oligo DX - Cellulite Reducing GelOligo DX - Cellulite Reducing Gel

Oligo DX® is a breakthrough medication intended for the treatment of cellulite

An array of over-the-counter products, including skin creams and herbal remedies, claim to make cellulite disappear from women's thighs, hips and buttocks. But most of those concoctions fall short of delivering on their promise of erasing the unsightly dimpled skin. Oligo.DX® is a medication that truly delivers on the promise of cellulite treatment creams – after just 1 week of use all doubts simply get replaced with amazement at the scope of the results. Backed up by serious pharmaceutical research and clinical studies, Oilgo DX is a true break through and is absolutely guaranteed to improve the appearance of cellulite.

L-Carnosine an Amino AcidL-Carnosine an Amino Acid
An anti-ageing super-antioxidant which fights age-related changes in the skin, brain, heart, muscles and other tissues.
Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3)Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3)
Our modern Western diets tend to be high in saturated fats and low in essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as Omega 3. A deficiency in EFAs can cause, or exacerbate, various skin conditions such as Dry Hair, Soft or Brittle Nails, Dandruff, Rough or Dry Bumpy skin (often on the upper arms or legs) and Allergies.

Supplementation with Omega Oils may help to naturally alleviate these common conditions.
Evening Primrose & Borage Oil - Omega-6 GLAEvening Primrose & Borage Oil - Omega-6 GLA
Borage & Evening Primrose oils are rich sources of Omega 6 Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) which is used by the body to produce prostaglandins which are hormone like substances that help regulate the body's processes. GLA is also a rich source of essential fatty acids which are necessary for maintaining healthy skin.

Steam Sauna Pod for your home - Only £139.99 inc VAT - as seen in "Big Brother" Steam Sauna Pod for your home - Only £139.99 inc VAT - as seen in "Big Brother"

As seen on TV (Big Brother, The Salon, Sky & This Morning)
Our portable steam sauna pods offer all the health and fitness benefits of quality steam spa in the comfort of your own home.This home sauna is the most affordable on the market and does away with inconvenient visits to the gym or health clubs.

No plumbing required and can be set up in minutes. Unlike other portable saunas the seat is built into the unit (with comfortable padding) and is built to withstand considerable weight in complete comfort.

Was £199 our price now only £139.99 inc. VAT

None UK Enquiries - We are able to supply European & US versions (at no extra cost) but we can't take online orders because shipping costs can vary considerably. Please contact us to request a personal quotation.

Seen it in Big Brother?

The Salon
This is THE "Steam Pod" used on Channel 4's "Big Brother "

Seen it in The Salon?

The Salon
This is THE "Steam Pod" used on Channel 4's "The Salon"

As Seen on TV
Featured on "This Morning" They described it as "A Sensational Relaxation Idea"
Also featured on 24 Hour Quiz, Sky TV, & in numerous National Newspapers & Magazines


More about the Portable Home Sauna

Price:   £139.99 - Price incl. VAT at 15%

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Airnergy - Possibly the most important weapon in the battle for better health.

Airnergy is a portable, compact machine for use in the home or clinic that creates "energised air" that feeds every cell in the body with oxygen that it can absorb and use more efficiently.

  • Airnergy boosts energy levels making you feel stronger, fitter and faster
  • Airnergy increases your mental agility, making you more alert
  • Airnergy strengthens your immune system to fight infection and disease.
  • Airnergy stimulates your circulation, heart, lung and brain function.
  • Airnergy reduces stress, tiredness and the effects of chronic illness.
Airnergy - Possibly the most important weapon in the battle for better health.

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